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Megapixel HD CCTV benefits include:

  • Ease of use
  • Award winning software
  • Lossless compression
  • Live pictures replicated in playback
  • High definition stream management
  • Pin sharp image quality
  • Highest frame rates
  • Lowest band width
  • Lossless recording produces archive as good as live
  • Allows recording of analogue cameras via an encoder

The video below demonstrates the recording quality and outstanding functionality of this equipment, which can be integrated into existing CCTV systems with an encoder or installed from scratch. This revolutionary product can be designed, installed and maintained by ORUS.

CCTV System

IP, Analogue or Hybrid CCTV Systems

CCTV systems record incidents on your premises that can lead to police conviction of criminals based on the footage captured. Cameras also act as a visual deterrent.

CCTV affordably outperforms static guards and mobile patrols and you can monitor your surveillance system from anywhere in the world via the internet.

We supply cameras, lenses and digital recorders to fit your every requirement. As a reputable company, all our CCTV Systems comply with industry standards and can be monitored 24/7 in our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

We offer a range of economical non-branded, branded and leading-edge HD CCTV installations. We will also work in conjunction with manufacturers not in our portfolio should their specifications answer the needs of a particular project or requirement.


When conducting a security review the first objective is to deter the entry of unauthorised persons.

Depending on the type of risk, erecting a new wall, fence or railings may be sufficient. However, for high risk sites, dynamic electronic detection system techniques may also be employed i.e. infra-red beams, fence detection and underground detection systems. These systems are regularly used in conjunction with CCTVs to assist guards with surveillance of large properties.

ANPR Camera System

Automatic Number-plate Recognition

Our ANPR can company design and install state-of-the-art ANPR parking solutions for your car park. Effective and reliable, our automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems will keep your site running securely. As a result, by eliminating the need for parking attendants, you’ll be able to monitor your car park and ensure the rules are enforced 24 hours a day at no extra cost to your business.

Parking systems to increase security and boost revenue

Our ANPR solutions can be a powerful upgrade to your site’s security – particularly for access control purposes such as controlling gates, barriers and site perimeters. In addition, an ANPR camera solution can also free up busy staff members, help you identify when unauthorised vehicles are taking up space, and find opportunities to create parking revenues where they didn’t exist before.

Optimise your site with a fully automated parking system

Our fully automated vehicle and parking management systems are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our ANPR installations provide a highly accurate reading of vehicle number plates to monitor vehicle movements, enforce speed limits, and gather information to help with traffic management and vehicle recognition.

The benefits of ANPR installation for your business

Enforce speed limits, control access to high-risk sites, monitor vehicle movements and enforce parking rules and limits with our ANPR camera systems for diverse commercial and industrial sites. Our ANPR solutions can improve customer experience, footfall, and occupancy – to help your business thrive.

Automated access control through barriers

An automated ANPR barrier is a cost-effective solution to vehicle access control. It reduces the need to have a manned access point and provides 24/7 site security.

Ongoing support, maintenance and fault-finding

We provide an end-to-end service so you can get on with running your business. Our team will handle everything, from the initial site survey, to the installation of your ANPR solution and integration with your existing systems. We’ll also provide ongoing maintenance support whenever it’s required, to remove the hassle for retailers, the public sector, business parks, and other large landowners.

Monitor when contractors are entering and leaving

Names can be linked to number plates so you can monitor the length of time contractors and employees have been on-site and grant or deny access to certain areas.


Instant access to a list of all vehicles on-site

ANPR camera systems can count vehicles in and out of the premises and create a list that can be accessed at any time of all the vehicles on your site.

Outdoor advertisement

Do you know how your outdoor ads are performing? Quantify the impact of your ads with GDPR compliant analytics by utilising public and private security cameras. Add more insight to your decision-making with a clear understanding of pedestrian dwell time, traffic directions, and overall demographics in the area. Personalise your messaging to reach the core customer who walks by your display

Object detection and recognition

ORUS real-time object detection and recognition function gives you the count of objects, their classes (person, car, e-scooter, truck, bus, bicycle, etc.) as well as demographic data about them such as age and gender, all without capturing people’s faces. 

Behavioural analytics

Where do people go and how do they interact with tenants once they enter your facility? In order to understand your objects behaviour, ORUS's real-time behavioural analytics allows you to measure people, vehicle movement trajectories and dwell times.

Video Analytics

Intelligence embedded + Machine Learning


Want to understand in-store customer analytics? ORUS provides key data to optimise your marketing spend, understand customer peak time to reduce overhead costs. Understand the gender and age data to personalise your messaging, discover the foot traffic and dwell time to improve store layout, and take the guesswork out of product placement. So you can make better decisions for your customers and generate revenue. 

Sustainable cities

Real-time accurate data for the urban planning and traffic management of the future.

Utilising your existing cameras, you can immediately start gaining critical insight into pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle movements, how much public transport is used and much more. Plan your landscape architecture and build future cities with real insight and data-backed decisions.

Actionable data

The ORUS solution is a self-learning application. This removes the burden of manually inputting hundreds or thousands of business rules or variables and significantly reduces set up time. And as any camera can join our platform and become a sensor on existing infrastructure, the solution is much more scalable and cost effective.

Behavioural analytics

Where do people go and how do they interact with tenants once they enter your facility? In order to understand your objects behaviour, ORUS’s real-time behavioural analytics allows you to measure people, vehicle movement trajectories and dwell times.


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