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Access Control Systems 

Provide authorised entry, monitor and control access within premises via the operation of doors, gates and barriers.

Whether you require a simple visitor intercom panel or a fully managed access control system to control staff movement around your site, Lightning Safety Systems can offer advice and tailor a bespoke solution to meet your system needs, we can do this either by providing a free of charge site survey or via marking up a set of drawings.

Routine servicing of existing systems is available, we are always here to offer professional help and support.

Access control provides a business owner with full control over the accessibility of a premises, with control of the doors, gates and barriers. With varying types of installation available, the level of control can be suited to your business needs or personal preference, with additional features such as video and telephone entry, or proximity/magnetic card readers available.

 Access control systems have a wide range of applications, suiting both the public and private sector alike; offices, industrial sites, schools, care accommodation, hospitals and hotels, all can benefit from the installation of an access system.

Access Control Systems

Designed to work together seamlessly, Access Systems' products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging. 

We do the fundamentals of access control better than anyone, but we don’t stop there. Our team of experts specialise in making technology work for you through intelligent integrations that support all areas of your business. For us, access control is about more than just a key fob, it's about using technology in the constant battle to protect your business, your premises, and your assets- all in the simplest way possible.

Access Control System


ORUS is market leader in the installation of electronic access control systems in London and nationwide. We provide design, installation, service and maintenance, supplying innovative products that exactly match customers’ requirements.

These systems provide flexible security and control over who may enter a site or building and when. The solutions we supply cater for one door up to hundreds across multiple sites, making sure your assets are secure at all times.

Installing an access control system may mean you never have to change a lock again. Tokens or cards allow admission through controlled doors and are easily barred from the system if they are lost, stolen or not returned by someone who leaves your company. Barred tokens will not allow access.

Once such equipment is in place, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed. Anyone without a PIN or access token/card is unable to enter. If necessary, doors may be set to unlock during a pre-set period.

These systems also offer flexible management of users’ access rights. For example, all staff may gain admittance through the main door of a building but admission to certain internal areas may be restricted to those who have a specific need to be there; or entry may only be granted to particular users at certain times of day or night.

Access control systems may need to be integrated with fire detection systems for compliance purposes and door/gate automation and door entry for security and convenience.


Benefits of access control:

 1. In the event of an emergency evacuation, data collected by the access points can quickly configure a fire register. 

2. Buildings can be configured as zones, meaning you can choose which parts employees have or don’t have access to.

3. Locks don’t need to be changed if members of staff leave. 

4. Without physical keys, there’s no chance of them being copied. 

5. Manage the opening of particular doors, gates and areas during set periods according to business requirements.

6. Increased security of the main entrance as it doesn’t need to be left open for access throughout the day.

Whether you wish to provide authorised entry to a building, to monitor and control access within premises or integrate controlled access solutions with other security systems such as Intruder alarm, fire systems etc., we are able to assist. Once your specific operational requirements are established, we can design a system which achieves your objectives whilst maximising your existing systems or future expansion requirements.

 Health, Safety and legal compliance is a major part of system design which we take very seriously, you can be assured that your installation and subsequent maintenance are compliant and meet all regulatory standards. 

Door Entry Phone System

Video, Audio, GSM, WiFi  intercom systems

ORUS specialise in audio and video door entry systems for businesses, homes, flats and buildings associations. With a wide range of security systems alongside experienced staff, we have a door entry system for any need and situation. All our systems and security services are suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Based on our experience we know that every project is different, so we immediately send a senior engineer to survey your site. We can then work effectively with you to design an audio or video entry system London to meet your specific requirements.

We’ll work with you to fully understand your needs and design, install and maintain the ideal door entry system for your building or premises.

Why choose an intercom system?

In a world of increasing technological complexity, the intercom is a tried and tested security method. Organisations around the world use them as an effective way of communicating remotely. Large buildings such as hospitals, warehouses, office blocks and schools all employ some sort of intercom system.

Choose from two-way audio and/or video communication across short or long distances. Intercom systems have been around for years and are now available in secure, robust weatherproof designs suitable for nearly any type of premises. Maximise their effectiveness by integrating with other technology such as CCTV, access


Electromechanical Box Tripod Turnstile

Designed to maintain access control to industrial and office facilities, banks, shops, transport terminals, the turnstiles high throughput capacity ensures it is great for use in indoor areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Full-Height Electromechanical Rotor Turnstile

This new full-security full-height rotor turnstile offers advanced reliability and vandal resistance, and guarantees many years of the turnstile trouble-free operation even in unfavourable environments. It is great for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Turnstiles and SpeedGates

Fast access management is style- we are ORUS

Turnstiles, gates and railing systems provide an effective means for pedestrian control at the entrances of production facilities, administrative buildings, office buildings, schools, university campuses, stadiums, leisure and fitness facilities, amusement parks and shopping outlets.

Speed Gate

Speed gates are designed in a modern and elegant style and provide an ideal contactless solution for access control at sites with high aesthetic and comfort requirements. The gate posts are made of stainless steel, whilst the filler panel, top covers and swing panels are made of tempered glass.


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