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Automatic Gates

A beautiful looking gate can make your property look great but gate automation will make it convenient to use. A lot goes into automatic gate installation and it is best done by professionals. We at Orus Technical Services provide with world class professionals to complete your project from start to finish.

Types of Automatic Gates

We are experts in different kinds of automatic gate installation. Your property, depending on location and type might require different kinds of gate. We can help you chose the right one for you.

Swing gates - With hydraulic pistons with extended arms to do the job, these kinds of gates are mostly found in residential driveways. They are very cost effective and its mechanism mostly stays hidden from your visitors.


Sliding gates - A sliding gate can move on a rail that is generally fixed to the ground. It can be a single gate or two short gates which meet in the middle. A chain is attached across the gate near the bottom and passes through the operator for commercial driveway gate automation. It is popular because of its clean and quiet operation.


Apart from automatic gates, we also provide services for pedestrian gate and manually operated gates.

Fences and Railings

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

We offer a wide range of products to be supplied and installed for use in the high security, commercial, industrial, school and residential sectors. All components guarantee a fast and professional installation. 

Our highly qualified team can deliver all kinds of fences and railings. We are fully equipped to work with many materials like wood, metal, glass etc. and can provide you the best solution to your desires. Palisade fencing, V-Grove fencing, composite fencing etc. are some of the varieties we deliver. The possibilities are endless. 

Barriers and Bollards

Bollards and barriers from ORUS Technical Services Ltd. are made from strong materials that are built to withstand impacts, which makes them perfect for providing security in public places and for businesses. Whether you wish to protect pedestrians and shopfronts from traffic, or warehouse racking and other equipment from forklift trucks, we have just what you need.

Our durable designs are made to last, while also being highly visible for safety. Our suppliers are the very best and we deliver what we promise.

Our Promise

What makes us different?

Why choose Orus Technical Services?

  • Top quality professional workmanship – We have highly trained professionals working with us to deliver top-of-the-line workmanship.
  • Quality parts – If you work with us, you never have to worry about the work after it is done. We ensure that the automatic gate provides you with the convenience you deserve.
  • Work that is guaranteed – We are always available to support you for any inconvenience.
  • Free and comprehensive quote – There won’t be any surprises as you will know exactly what you are getting in your quote.

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