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Building Management System (BMS)

A step towards complete automation

What is BMS?

BMS is an overarching control system that is responsible for the automatic regulation and control of subsystems, maintaining predefined parameters (or set points) and the control of their functionality. 

BMS Subsystems:

  • HVAC System
  • Steam System
  • Central Heating and hot water flow System
  • Chiller System
  • Sprinkler System
  • Electrical Monitoring System etc.

Major aims of BMS:

  1. To guarantee the safety of facility operation
  2. Monitor and optimize the use and efficiency of its supervised subsystems
  3. Efficient operation and hence energy saving 
  4. Easier Troubleshooting
  5. Increase in comfort levels of the building occupants

BMS basically has three levels and we provide services and solutions for the complete system. 

  • Field Level – The first step in BMS is collecting input. Sensors, instruments, valves, actuators, thermostat, I/O module etc. installed in the field level collects the inputs and the actions that BMS takes are based on these inputs.


  • Automation level – This level is the brain of the system. It consists of compact or modular DDC. These are hardwired to the components in the field level and they collect the inputs received and takes action accordingly.


  • Management level – This level provides the interactive user interface which the building operator can use to control the operations. It displays all information taken from the field level in a GUI format.

Basic Features and Advantages of BMS:

  • A dedicated GUI to display and control the system information.
  • Alarm management functionality – The GUI displays all alarms and their respective source. Fault finding and its solution becomes less time consuming.
  • Trend management functionality – Displays raw value in a time-based graph. Diagnosis and troubleshooting of faults become easier and increases staff performance and productivity.
  • Time scheduler – Lets the operator decide when to switch ON or OFF the equipment automatically thus increasing building security and equipment safety.

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