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Architectural Metalworks

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When a layman hears the term Architectural Metalwork, they just imagine metal structures and more often than not, in an industrial setting. In reality, Architectural Metalwork is so much more than that. It is a highly creative field where any and all kinds of visionary ideas can be actualized. It gives form to design inspirations and possibilities, transforming the look and feel of residential and commercial spaces. It is the process of shaping and reshaping materials to create artistic detailing in large scale objects, like Doors, Gates, Staircases and many more components. It integrates metal work with architectural structures.

Metal fabrication depends, in large part, on the family and grade of metal used in production. Commonly fabricated metals include steel, iron, magnesium, aluminium, copper and nickel, each having their own different grades. The advantages of metal fabrication are widely understood.

High Strength: Metal grades are stronger, harder and more durable than plastic. As such, they provide good strength and stability to architectural designs.

Versatility: Metal can be fabricated using a range of processes, including casting, welding, forging, deep drawing, chipping and soldering and much easier to deal with than other building materials. 

Affordability: Metal is a more cost-effective option in long-term or high-volume production runs. It is possible to transfer this cost advantage to customers.

Why go with ORUS?

Orus Technical Services is a trusted provider of custom metal fabrication solutions exceeding the design expectations of our clients. We build components in residential and commercial buildings, and interior design structures. Whether you want a minimalistic or an intricate design, we can deliver the highest standards of craftsmanship and creative flair.

We work with leading builders, architects, and contractors to provide architectural metal fabrications. We work with all kinds of metals and we are capable of using finishes on metals in mirrored surfaces as well as brushed, satin, mirror, painted, enameled, and personalized finishes. 


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